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Food For Thought Disney Eggs
(Entered Feb. 04, 2008)
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After much deliberation as to what it's next lucrative business venture should be, Disney has decided to throw it's hat into the Japan egg market. When asked to comment, a Disney spokesperson said that given the choice between opening a third theme park (the much anticipated Disney Sky) next to the existing two parks in Tokyo, buying Yahoo! away from Microsoft, or buying up a few old warehouses and filling them up with chickens, the choice was clear. Some fans have expressed disapointment over the scrapping of the plans to open the new park, but Disney officials are confident that when they get the chance to fry up some Disney eggs for breakfast, or eat a Disney eggsalad sandwich just like Mickey would, they will support the decision.

Disney eggs

Disney also said that rumors of a legless, egg laying, chicken character appearing in the theme parks are completely false.



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