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Do As Tokyo Does Pitari Sweat
(Entered Jul. 14, 2008)
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Tokyo's crazy, hazy, (unfortunately not lazy) days of summer are back, and it's time once again to spend your days sweating like a pig. If you're like me, you sleep with the air conditioner on, only wear clothes when you absolutely have to, hug the shade when outside and wonder why you ever got tired of winter. Well there's a new strategy to add to your arsenal now, Pitari Sweat! (Nope, no relation to Pocari Sweat)
Can a body cream really cool me down during those hot summer days? I'm not sure if I want to be freezing cold, and I'm a bit confused about that picture and description they put on the label. It either says that it will lower my skin temperature by 3 degrees, or it'll lower my skin temperture to -3 degrees. A bit worrisome, but hey, I'm willing to try it out once in the name of science.

Pitari Sweat

And off we go! That's me rubbing some Pitari Sweat into my manly, heat producing torso. I skipped my legs and head for now, after all, I don't want to get hypothermia or anything.

Pitari Sweat

A few minutes went by without any reaction, but then suddenly it hit me! I was getting cold! It was kind of like that feeling of using one of those menthol cooling pads, except there was no menthol smell. As I sat writing this article I continued to get colder and colder. Had I used to much? Was I approaching -3 degrees? The results were most noticable on my chest and stomach and less on my back. I was also sitting in front of my electric fan which added to the cooling effect. It got to the point where I was getting so chilled I had to turn off my fan. And when I went into the living room where the air conditioner was on, I was positively cold, and turned that off too. Wow! What an invention! I can't wait to try it out when I sleep!

Pitari Sweat

Cooling doesn't come cheap though. Pitari Sweat is 600 yen ($6.00) per 50g bottle, so keeping the air conditioner on all night might actually be cheaper in the long run. The effects lasted for a good couple of hours before wearing off.
Not sure how this stuff works and the back label doesn't give many clues. Besides containing water, some chemicals and something which looked like it might be menthol, the main ingredient was something called 'BG'. Very informative.
Anyway at first glance Pitari Sweat seems like a pretty good invention, but what about any long term effects? If I start mutating into a Yeti or something, I'll be sure to let you all know.



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