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Food For Thought Pepsi White
(Entered Oct. 23, 2008)
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I was expecting Pepsi Cheese to be the next flavour on the list, but instead I get a milky white Pepsi that supposedly tastes like yogurt. Yawn... Come on Pepsi! Where's the boldness you displayed when you introduced Pepsi Cucumber?

Pepsi White

A brand can decline in various ways. Sometimes it becomes old fashioned or passé. Sometimes something better comes along to replace it. However sometimes a brand voluntarily decides to self destruct....
Witness Pepsi's slow decline à la Kit Kat. Can you guess which stage they're at now?

Stage 1: New flavour of a product is released. Customer sees new flavour of product, is intrigued, buys it out of curiosity and has a field day blogging about it. New flavour sucks and there are no repeat customers.

Stage 2: Product decides to release another new flavour. Customer sees new flavour, grins in resignation, buys it and blogs about it more out of pity than curiousity. New flavour sucks even more than the last one and once again there are no repeat customers.

Stage 3: Product releases new flavours on a regular basis. Customer sees them and either a) ignores them or, b) blogs about them with increasing sarcasm.

Stage 4: After about 20 flavours, even diehard bloggers get bored and the product becomes both generally hated and synoymous with derision and ridicule.

Pepsi White

I have to admit, I'm not at all optimistic about the taste, so let's just get this over with....
Hmm, not too bad I suppose, definitely an improvement over Blue Hawaii and Cucumber, but that's not saying much as they're among the worst soft drinks ever invented. If you like the idea of Pepsi mixed with Calpis, then you'll probably get a kick out of Pepsi White. Another comparison would be white and dark chocolate. Nobody really likes white chocolate. It's funny tasting, sickeningly sweet and the wrong colour. Dark chocolate is real, and no funny flavour offshoot can replace it. Capish? Stick to what you know Pepsi. Unless you release something bold and wacky next time you can forget about getting any free advertising on this site.




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