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Great Escapes Nikko and Monkeys
(Entered Jan. 09, 2005)
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Nikko may be a great place to go for onsens and sightseeing (especially in the autumn when the leaves change colour), and it's the final resting place of Tokugawa Ieyasu (the guy that unified Japan), but I believe it is also the place where that famous proverb with the monkeys got started. Look at the picture if you don't know the one I mean.


Of course I went expecting something awe inspiring, like huge, wise-looking monkey statues with serious expressions and a crowd of reverent onlookers silently contemplating the monkeys virtues. As it turned out though, the monkeys were kinda small, difficult to see, and had goofy expressions. Besides the carved monkeys, Nikko is also supposed to have lots of live monkeys running around but as it was December and pretty chilly, I guess the monkeys were all on vacation in Okinawa or something. I was disapointed to say the least. Apparently the (live) monkeys are famous for stealing food and stuff right out of peoples hands, especially little old ladies. I was looking forward to watching the monkeys in action and maybe even roughing it up with a couple of monkeys myself. I'll be back you monkeys.



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