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Do As Tokyo Does Tokyo Motor Show 2009
(Entered Oct. 26, 2009)
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If the Tokyo Motor Show, the 41st edition of which is currently being held at Makuhari Messe, were called the Tokyo Camera Convention, it's doubtful anybody would think it strange. From the lowliest mobile phone cameras to the high powered, geared out dSLRs, plus everything in between, everybody had one in hand with the purpose of photographing two things: girls and cars, and basically in that order. Actually it was no contest. Cars alone gathered modest crowds, but when they brought out one or more models to pose with the cars, the hordes gathered en masse, jostling, elbows out, scrabbling for the best position.
And yes, I was right there with them.

tokyo motor show girl schoolgirl

I never let myself get in the thick of the crushing mobs of Japan if I can help it, but I wanted to work on my people (meaning female models) photography skills as it's an area where I don't have much (read none) experience.
This beauty was modeling for the Korean carrozeria company CT&T, which makes those tiny electric cars.

tokyo motor show girl

I'll be honest, I've never really had the intense interest in cars that a lot of guys seem to have, but as I was there I took a few car photos just for, you know, balance.
The rear wheel drive Toyota FT-86, highly recommended by one of my students as a car to watch out for. Will be released in two years time.

tokyo motor show toyota ft86

I went to the show with MJG and Dale, which in the absence of fearless leader Jason, are my two current photography cohorts. However upon arrival we pretty much split up and did our own thing.

tokyo motor show daihatsu girl

I for one had a great time. It was just like how Colin James put it: 'chicks and cars and the third world war', (just without the third world war part).
These two girls were helping out Daihatsu. There was even a guy model with them, maybe to attract more females? Sadly, the lenses mainly ignored him.

tokyo motor show daihatsu girl

The Lexus LF-Ch. A great looking car in need of a name upgrade.

tokyo motor show lexus

I started out shooting with my 50mm prime, then switched to the 11-16mm Tokina for some car shots, but in the end my 80-200 telephoto lens saved the day.

tokyo motor show subaru girl

This girl modeling for Subaru was the most popular model there as far as I could tell, maybe it was the leather. Hordes of camera wielding geeks mobbed her, but somehow I made it to the front.

tokyo motor show subaru girl

Another Lexus, this time the LFA. Although there were lots of hybrid and family-like cars on display, I focused on the sports cars. Someday when I'm going through my mid-life crisis I'll no doubt be driving something like this.

tokyo motor show lexus

Some of the girls were modeling, and others were telling us why we should buy their cars.

tokyo motor show announcer girl

Overall it was a good photography exercise. The light was good but the intensity was different depending on which display I was shooting, so I was constantly having to adjust the ISO and shutter speed, not something I really need to do much when I'm hiking and the light is fairly constant.
Another Subaru model.

tokyo motor show subaru girl

A receptionist at the desk of Bridgestone.

tokyo motor show bridgestone girl

Suzuki girl directing lineups of people who wanted to sit on some motorcycles.

tokyo motor show suzuki girl

The Sai, Toyota's 2010 hybrid release.

tokyo motor show sai

The Tokyo Motor show is open to the public from October 24th to November 4th, and tickets cost 1300 yen at the door, or 1100 yen in advance. Bring your camera, some patience, your elbows, and thou shalt be rewarded.


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