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Food For Thought Japanese Curry
(Entered Feb. 05, 2006)
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You've all heard of and have probably eaten Indian curry, but what about Japanese curry? Here's my favourite curry shop, 'CoCo Ichibanya' whose motto is 'good smell, good curry'. Ichiban means 'number one', ya means 'shop' but I'm not sure what CoCo has to do with anything.

Japanese curry

Like a lot of other things, the Japanese took curry and made it their own. Indian curry has more zing to it, you can taste all the different spices. Japanese curry however tends to focus more on just one spice, salt. This isn't to say the Japanese version isn't good, it is. As well, Indian restaurants in Japan charge much more than any Japanese curry place, and the sizes at the Indian restaurants are always puny.
Anyway the hallowed yellow halls of CoCo Ichibanya were not always my number one. In the beginning there was another curry shop called Pot & Pot (great names eh?) which I often frequented. Pot & Pot is a good place, but for some reason it's popularity declined and some of it's restaurants closed or went out of business. To fill this void I was in, I tried CoCo's curry and haven't looked back. Not only is CoCo's curry tastier and the sizes larger, they have a million different combinations you can try. In the picture you can see me getting ready to dig into a plate of curry with crispy (pari-pari) chicken, vegtables and cheese. Yum!

Japanese curry

But it doesn't end there. It seems to me that if you can think of a thing you want to eat with your curry, they have it. I usually stick with regular stuff but they have some weird toppings like natto, fried oysters, breaded and fried quail eggs, kimuchi and so on. Another thing I like are the different spiciness levels which range from 0 to 10. Each level comes with its own description and from level 6 onward it says things like 'your brain will start melting' or ' your eyes will pop out of your head', etc. I once tried level 2 and I could barely finish it it was so spicy. I think it also mentions on the menu that no one has ever finished a level 10. I did see a guy order a level 6 once and he finished it without a even sheding one bead of sweat.
Lastly, honourable mention also goes to all staff at CoCo for being the politest people on the face of the earth! Nice going guys.



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