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Food For Thought Notime Gum
(Entered Jun. 12, 2007)
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No time to brush your teeth in the morning? Just to lazy to pick up that toothbrush? Sleep in every morning till the last possible second, and regularly trade sleep for breakfast and personal hygiene? This gum was made for you. 'No time' gum purports to brush your teeth for you, so if you're one of those people who can chew gum and walk at the same time, now you can add keeping your teeth clean to the list. Even talking and brushing your teeth at the same time is now within the realm of possibility.
So how does it work then? Is the gum filled with lots of nano sized brushes to scour your teeth? Is it filled with lots of chemicals that melt germs and tooth gunk? Or is it just some gimmick that will fool the dumber people into thinking they can throw out their toothbrushes?

notime gum

I tried it a few hours after lunch on a break between classes. My teeth felt a bit mossy so here was a good chance for the gum to prove itself. I expected the gum to be kind of rough, maybe a bit gritty, you know, sandpaper-ish, but it was super smooth which pretty much rules out the microscopic brush theory. Not only that, but nowhere on the package did it explain how it actually cleans your teeth. The only real reference that it made besides saying 'tooth brushing gum' on the front, was that it contained no sugar. Even more strange, I couldn't find any information about it on Lotte's (the manufacturer) website. Hmmm....
So does it work? Well firstly, opening the package was a bit of a letdown. I'm greeted by a boring, light green cube with only a faint minty scent. The taste was ok, just a regular minty flavour though. I gave it a good 15 minute chew, thinking that if anything was going to happen, that would be enough time to give my teeth a decent cleaning.
Unfortunately I can't say that I was overly impressed by the results. How is a gum supposed to brush your teeth anyway? Conclusion: probably as effective as rubbing toothpaste on your teeth with your finger. Don't throw away those toothbrushes just yet!




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