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Food For Thought Cake Soda
(Entered Aug. 08, 2008)
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Cucumber Pepsi and Vitamin C Coke are indicators of a new trend by softdrink makers to give their tooth rotting products a slightly better image. Most of us aren't fooled though, and it's nice to find a softdrink that not only doesn't try to make excuses for being unhealthy, it goes the other direction entirely. For those of you who've always wanted to have your cake and drink it too, well now you can.

cake soda

Cake soda effectively fills three niche markets out there:
1) People who are striving to become diabetics.
2) People who are too lazy to chew their cake.
3) People with Japan-themed websites who have far too much time on their hands.

The world is getting lazier. In the old days people baked handmade cakes for their loved ones. Then came the days where people saved time by ordering one at the cake shop. And now? Now you can just stock a few cake sodas in the fridge and crack them open on birthdays, etc. They also provide a convenient backup plan when you forget birthdays. Just pull one out of the fridge, hand it to the forgetee and say something like 'Happy birthday! Here's a liquid cake for ya, y'know, trying to reduce your carbon footprint and all that, etc. etc.'
The beautiful cake picture on the bottle is designed to either make the person you give it to feel better, or remind them of the cheap bastard that you are.

cake soda

I suppose in the future they'll expand their lineup to include chocolate cake, cheesecake, pineapple upsidedown cake, etc., but for now cake soda comes in one flavour: vanilla. Guess they want to start out by playing it safe. Does it come with icing at least?

cake soda

Anyway let's take a closer look at it. Cake soda is a yellowish/milky colour that might be considered cake-like if you were in a generous mood. So does it taste like cake?
*glug glug*...hmmm, well yes, I suppose I might be tempted to say this was cake flavour if cake tasted like Sprite with a few extra tablespoons of sugar and some whipped cream mixed in. I think part of me was hoping for some soggy chunks of cake to be floating around in there too, but I guess I'll have to wait for version 2.
The verdict? Well I have to say that in general cake soda failed to live up to its name, and ended up being a disapointment. Unless you fit into one of the three categories listed above, give cake soda a miss.



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