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Do As Tokyo Does Drug Diet
(Entered Oct. 05, 2007)
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Can't find what you're looking for? Then you haven't looked hard enough. Like a Chinese drug store with its powdered rhino horn and dried tiger penis, Japanese drug stores have their fair share of strange products as well.
Don't have enough body fat? Fat Magnet is here to help you. Just take 10 of these pills three times a day and you can become a fat magnet too. Helps to boost your appetite all the time, especially at 2:00 in the morning. You'll notice Big Macs, doughnuts and Kentucky Fried Chicken somehow being right in front of you when you start to get hungry. Myself I prefer the Chick Magnet pills but to each his own.

Fat Magnet

You see? These days being fat is in! Massluck II (the first version didn't do so well) knows a good marketing strategy when it sees one. Fat equals luck and vice versa. If you're thin (and unlucky) better start popping some pills so you can let that gut hang out comfortably.


Taking collagen supplements is all the rage here in Japan these days. Sure you can get your collagen from pigs or cows, but everyone knows that baby collagen gives you the smoothest skin and the nicest nails. Only white babies are used of course so you don't have to worry about any cute little Japanese babies getting de-collagenized. And you thought you were angry about the tiger penis?

Baby Collagen

Japanese scientists have made an amazing breakthrough in breast enlargement research. Forget about those expensive silicone implants, or those padded bras, now all you have to do to be a size F is eat some of these cookies! Just don't let your husband eat them.

F-cup cookie

Even better, they've done it with tea too! Tea, cookies and bigger breasts. What fun! They had an F-cup pudding too (which i didn't get a picture of) so it seems they've covered all their bases. No excuses now girls!

F-cup tea

Nothing like a trip through the drug store for a healthy dose of insecurity right? Wonder when the men's size enhancement tea is going to come out?



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