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Food For Thought Lotteria
(Entered Mar. 08, 2005)
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lotteriaJapan just wasn't satisfied with cheap, unhealthy fast food from America, so some corporation decided to make an Asian version of the famous 'Golden Arches'. To make it seem more original a big 'L' was used instead of an 'M' and Lotteria was born. Well is it different? Lotteria has a decidedly Japanese take on fast food with a menu that would never fly back in North America. Take for instance the 'Creamy Shrimp Croquette' burger. A couple of shrimps inside a big, breaded, deep-fried piece of creamy goo, stuck between a bun.
I bravely decided to test one but the end result is something that falls firmly under the category of things I try so you won't have to. As you can see from the picture, the sad little burger I received looks a little different than the fresh bun, crispy lettuce and perfectly cooked croquette on the menu. Unfortunately I couldn't finish it, but a bunch of pigeons were happy to help me out.
Other things of course are the same like soggy french fries and salads that were fresh once upon a time. The usual assortment of hamburgers can also be had that come with that nice reheated-in-the-microwave smell. The strange thing is, Lotteria remains quite popular, and every time I walk by one it's always full of people. Like McDonalds, Lotteria knows that in Japan, taste is no substitute for good marketing.
I've just learned that Lotteria is actually a Korean company. Oh well, it doesn't change the fact that crap is crap.


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