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Do As Tokyo Does Apple Cleaning
(Entered Mar. 23, 2008)
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These days it's a familar story. Fewer people are having kids and stay at home mothers are now working full time. Nobody has time for those little chores anymore. So what's a hardworking person supposed to do with that big bushel of apples they've just bought when they're just to tired to wash them? Why not let the professionals take care of it? For only a small fee, the good people at Apple Cleaning will carefully wash, and then towel dry each of your apples for you. There's no lower limit either. They will cheerfully take orders of even one apple for the truly lazy busy.

Apple Cleaning

It just goes to show that if there's a niche to be filled in Japan, someone will fill it. Here are some of the staff hard a work, washing some filthy apples. There's just no excuse anymore for you to let those dirty apples sit around and go to waste on your counter. These people really care about your apple's cleanliness.

filthy dirty apples

After some not so gentle scrubbing, the apples look a lot better. Time for a warm soak in the sink.

apples getting a soak

Some of the cleaning techniques they employ are perhaps better off kept secret. Although it may look unsanitary, these dogs are specially trained to sniff the apples to make sure there isn't a speck of dirt left on them. Your apples are in good hands (and muzzles).

dog apple sniffers and cleaners

And the final result! Your apple is ready to be eaten. Tell me it's not worth every cent/yen you paid!

perfectly clean apples



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