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Do As Tokyo Does Street Rap - About Glasses
(Entered May 16, 2007)
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If you think every possible marketing ploy has been tried already, well then you'd be wrong. So what do you do then if you're some boring old glasses shop that wants to boost business and your image? Obviously you need to get a guy to stand outside the shop and bust some rhymes about eyewear. Seriously. It might help though if your guy wasn't short and kind of pudgy, but I suppose it'd be too much to hope that you could convince Snoop Dogg to rap about contact lenses.
Pictured below is Satoshi, the most famous eyewear rapper in Tokyo, in front of the Megane Super in Shinjuku (megane = glasses in Japanese). There are a few other guys that take turns at the microphone every once in a while, but they pretty much suck compared to the master.

Megane Super Rap

However, instead of singing about getting it on with hot chicks, chillin' with the homeys, or drive by shootings, the lyrics go something like this: We have contact lenses on sale for half-price, and we clean the glasses we sell free of charge, so come take a look before everything is sold - please...
You might think the idea of mixing rap and glasses is the stupiest idea ever, but funny thing is, he's actually not half bad. At least it's guaranteed to make you smile. Satoshi has even been featured on TV a few times as well as in numerous magazines. Check out a short video of him doing his thing.

So are you ready to spend some money on a new pair of shades yet? Well I wouldn't wait too long. It's like Satoshi says, you better take a look before everything is sold! (please)



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