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Do As Tokyo Does Empty Subway and Train Stations
(Entered Aug. 15, 2008)
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Just wanted to say 'thank you' to all you 20 million or so Tokyoites for following to the letter, the new law that was set out a few weeks ago that made it illegal to be in the subways, trains or stations while I myself am there. I'm really glad to live in such a law abiding country. As you can see from the following pictures, I've been commuting in comfort these last few weeks.

empty subway station tokyo

Do I feel lonely? Do I long for the happy noise of children shouting at the tops of their lungs? Do I miss the smell of sweaty old men coming back home from nights of drinking? Maybe you think I must be pining for the sound of school girls constantly chatting on their phones while checking their makeup? Get real.

empty train monorail tokyo

Life is suddenly pretty good. Trains were once the bane of my existence here in Japan, but now anytime I deign to ride I do so in in peace and harmony. I've got those train drivers 'trained' pretty well now. When I ride, they don't bother making any stops in between. I'm like, 'take me to Ginza!' and it's done. Saves a lot of time.

empty subway station tokyo

The train and subway companies are probably rueing the day they ever put up that sign, but hey, the law is the law. Maybe I should think about installing a mini-kitchen and shower/toilet on some of the lines I use more often, put some of this space to work eh?

empty yamanote line train

Well Tokyoites, you've been good law abiding citizens so I've got a little treat for you all. I'll be heading up to Fukushima for a few days of vacation, so you'll be able to use the trains anytime without having to worry about getting tossed in jail. Keep in mind though that things will be back to normal again on Monday. Have a nice weekend (but stay out of my mini-kitchen)!



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