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Food For Thought Non Poisonous Gyoza?
(Entered Nov. 12, 2008)
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What with all the food scares coming out of China these days, you might be wondering if any frozen or packaged food is safe to eat. If you're a gyoza (chinese dumplings) lover like me, and would prefer your gyoza not to have pesticides, cardboard, melamine or what have you in it, there is a solution....

frozen gyoza chinese

Make your own! Ok fine, you can also boycott frozen packaged gyoza made in China, but a) that won't make you any less hungry, and b) making them by hand is more fun then staging a boycott.
First you'll need some cabbage, chives, ground pork and, if you're too lazy to make them yourself, some of those little dumpling wraps. Kumi and I were too lazy. Hmm... are the wraps full of chemicals too...?
Besides these ingredients you'll need some spices from your spice rack like ginger, garlic and pepper, plus some soy sauce. We also threw in some shitake mushrooms for fun.
Chop everything up into small pieces first. I mean really small. I chopped until I could barely see each piece but Kumi wasn't satisfied and she chopped some more.

gyoza chopping cabbage

Next, mash the ground pork and everything else together with your hands! Ugh. Slimy.

gyoza ground pork

When you've done that, put a blob of the mixture in the middle of each wrap, wet the edges and press them together. A bit time consuming to say the least. Kumi and I made things a bit more interesting by filling a select few with things like chilli pepper, hot mustard and cheese. You never knew which were which until you bit into them. The chilli pepper ones were a blast.

gyoza wrapping

40 gyoza! It took a bit of time but it was worth it. Time to get cooking as I'm starving.

gyoza ready to cook

Kumi and I like our gyoza crispy, not soft and soggy like some restaurants make them. Fry them up until golden brown.

gyoza cooking chinese dumplings

Dinner is served! Soup is optional, but beer and rice are mandatory. Itadakimasu!

gyoza cooked beer rice soup




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