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Food For Thought Chu-hai, With Head?
(Entered Aug. 11, 2007)
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Most of you who've lived in Japan for a while will have experienced waking up with a pounding headache courtesy of Japan's favourite 'hangover in a can' drink, the chu-hai.
Now the geniuses at Suntory have created a chu-hai called Awa's that when poured, makes a head like a beer. The reasoning behind this is unclear and prompts lots of questions. Does anyone want a chu-hai with a head? What the hell are they putting into the chu-hais to make it foam like that? Why are Japanese scientists working on making chu-hais with foamy heads when they could be doing more useful things like finding a cure for baldness, inventing sexy female robot slaves, or making a better tasting processed cheese? Obviously model/actress Ai Kato pictured below is getting paid first and asking questions later. For those of you wondering, that isn't a huge whitehead on her nose, it's shaving cream.

Ai Kato Suntory Awa's

Chu-hais are made from shochu, a popular Japanese liquor that you'd love if you're the kind of person who's into drinking pure ethanol. After adding soda water and some fruit juice, and serving it in a highball glass, you've got a shochu highball, or chu-hai if you're like the Japanese and are into making cute nicknames for everything. Awa's, the newest kid on the block, means 'bubbles' which is slightly more original than naming your pet dog 'dog'. So can it really leave foam on your nose? No pulling punches here, let's pit it against some frothy beery goodness.

Alright so it looks like a head, but what neither my video nor Awa's tells you is that it fizzles away after about 5 seconds. And creaminess? Please.... About as creamy as the bubbles in a can of 7-up. Anyway bubbles and head and all that stuff aside, does it taste ok? Basically Awa's tastes just like a chu-hai, which I guess is all you can realistically hope for. Only lemon is available right now, but give it time and I'm sure that just like any other chu-hai, they'll be bringing out the other million or so flavours.

Suntory Awa's

So will Awa's become the next big thing? Call it intuition, but I have a feeling that most people will be able to get along just fine without a head on their chu-hais, but hey, that's just me. Want to impress me? Invent an alcoholic drink that doesn't give you a hangover. Oh and hurry up with those female robots will ya?



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