I love to
doodle, paint and illustrate
layout type
animate things
take photos
design websites
mb [at] mikesblender [dot] com
  • mars girl astronaut

    Mars Retro Astronaut Illustrations

  • mars wine bar logo

    Mars Wine Bar Logo

  • catherine's cakery website responsive

    Responsive Website for Catherine's Cakery

  • museum science technology motion graphics

    Canada Science and Technology Museum

  • fahrenheit 451 book cover redesign

    Fahrenheit 451 Book Cover Redesign

  • futuristic retro neptune

    Vintage Poster Art meets Retro Futuristic

  • bikini history infographic

    Women's Swimwear over the Decades

  • haikyo urban exploring 2D into 3D

    Urban Exploring Tribute Video

  • string octet poster

    Illustrated Poster for Island Empire

  • ottawa conceptual illustration

    Downtown Ottawa Conceptual Illustration

  • coffee roasting styles booklet

    Coffee Roasting Styles Booklet

  • george seinfeld double dip

    Kinetic Typography Short